Custom Homes

Putting together many a homeowner’s dream, an Architect’s or designer’s vision and an engineer’s foresight over the years has given us the edge in a competitive industry.  Our company surrounds itself with superior Architects and designers who take pride in their work and we strive to maintain the cultivated relationship we have developed over the years.

Our Project Managers’ careful planning, estimating and relationship with city inspectors demands an educated approach. They will ensure that time-frame and budget targets are met and keep the dialogue open throughout the process. Our site leads are gentlemen, who understand the etiquette involved working on someone else’s property.   Our skill set is like no other – quality first drives us to find the best trade partners to complete a project safely and to meet all code requirements.

As a highly experienced construction company, we will do our utmost to add value to your home.

A sample of our work

The Bold and the Beautiful

Beauty nestled within a neighbouring forest

Pop goes the Young

A Vancouver new build pops in a neighborhood full of post-war homes.

Rich Artisan

Winner of the 2021 Georgie Awards for Best Single Family Kitchen over $150,000!