The Bold and the Beautiful

Beauty nestled within a neighbouring forest.

Built to Energuide 86 and Built Green Gold Standard. This project, called the “bold and the beautiful”, is set on a sloping hill.  The main challenge was to dig through boulders and tree roots to lay the foundation. Once out of the ground the home gradually came to life and emerged as a modern beauty nestled within its neighbouring forest.  Architect Fritz De Vries, wanted to give the neighborhood an injection of modernity without disturbing the beach town vibe.  The front of the home was pushed back into the property for privacy and the back subtly peeks out through the vegetation.  Metal siding, and charred cedar with accents of the original cabin’s Haida Gwaii cedar make up the exterior materials.  Oversized windows cover the rest of the home bringing in natural light to brighten up the interior.  These materials are copied throughout the inside of the home with the Haida Gwaii cedar extending into the entrance and stairwell.  The custom cabinetry is made from clear coated walnut with Stratuario Quartz countertops.  The colour palette was kept simple, soft grey floors, white walls, and wood tones.  There’s a play between wood and concrete all through the home, almost like an homage to the site, a site that challenged the project’s start, but resulted in a sort of design collaboration.  

Frits de Vries Architects + Associates Ltd.