Black is the New Black

Winner of the 2023 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence for Best Detached Custom Home and Best Custom Kitchen!

When architect Imu Chan of Fountain Studio of Ark was approached by a couple wanting to bring modernism into the heart of Vancouver – he let his impressive talents manifest. Minimalistic  from start to finish, the design was kept linear, nothing was overlooked from the roof lines to the center stair structure. Installing floor to ceiling windows and a tower skylight allows the natural light to filter through, complimenting the halogen lighting that glows against its cool surroundings.  The rose-coloured shower glass and wood accents play against the aloofness of the home.  It is difficult to pick the feature of this home, but the 5000 lb stair structure is hard to deny.  Set in the center of the home the juxtaposition of the metal mesh railing and warm wood steps support the push and pull of warmth and coolness.  The open concept planning goes beyond the kitchen and living area.  You see this openness at the entrance and the office as well as the primary bedroom and ensuite.  

The homeowners wanted an all black and bare bones exterior.  The metal mesh rails reemerge on the back deck and rooftop deck and are paired with little other materials allowing the views to be the point of interest.  This home is a modernist’s dream and is the anchor to the eclectic homes along its block.  


Fountain Studio of Ark