With an ever evolving focus on sustainability in construction Smithwood Builders is a leader in driving a sometimes reluctant industry toward a better approach and execution.  Staying on top of the latest and innovative development in green energy and pro- environment practices the team at Smithwood Builders can offer their stakeholders repose when making decisions.  It’s important for a company to continue growing, not just as a business but as individuals within an organization.  Learning about better building, challenging employees to think differently and enjoying the experience is what sets Smithwood Builders apart.

Custom Homes

Our specialty at Smithwood Builders is custom homes. Putting together many a homeowner’s dream, an architect’s vision, and an engineer’s foresight over the years has given us the edge in a competitive industry.  Our skill set is like no other – quality first drives us to find the best trades and carpenters.  Our site leads are gentlemen, who understand the etiquette involved working on someone else’s property.  Our project manager’s careful planning, estimating and relationship with city inspectors demands an educated approach.  Our process leaves no detail uncovered and the end result is a thing of beauty.


Making homes new again from remodeling existing spaces within there footprint to extensive additions Smithwood Builders ensures a seamless marriage of old and new.  Experience allows us to understand the challenges involved in a renovation and no corners are cut to ensure the project is done properly and safely.  Our Smithwood team is made up of competent and confident individuals who work on every project with pride and with purpose.  An exciting experience for all involved to see what once was turn into something almost unrecognizable.

One tool we use to help wixth the management of our projects is BuilderTrend. Clients are able to log in and see their home projects in real time. Contact us to learn more.

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